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What You Get:

page-speed-icon Page Speed

A measurement of how fast the content on your page loads

page-speed-icon On-Page SEO

The HTML coding that goes into your site on order to improve your position in search rankings

page-speed-icon Top Keywords

The main words people use to search for your products and/or services

page-speed-icon Copy Analysis

This analyzes how you use keywords in your text, the number of times you use your keywords, the number of words on each page of text, etc.

page-speed-icon Code Analysis

This looks for code problems on your site, such as missing links to your sitemap, missing Flash components, etc.

page-speed-icon Social Analysis

This ranks your social shares and checks for your blog’s existence

page-speed-icon Mobile Analysis

This tells you whether or not your website is mobile-friendly and rates your mobile site’s power, its viewpoint meta tag, whether you have Apple and Android icons, etc.

page-speed-icon Link Analysis

Analysis of the internal and external links that search engine spiders can detect on your website

page-speed-icon Domain Analysis

This checks your domain’s viability, character length, age, expiration, etc.